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haha wildturkey (like your name) Welcome :)


You just need to update your Visual Basic. Download/install here



Have fun!


EDIT: I see that you just found the link in another thread. ; )

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So you installed the vb runtimes and still get crash errors?

Try uninstalling ccleaner rebooting and then installing ccleaner again. Let me know if it starts to work.


There are still some things that you can try if you're willing. :)

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What version of Windows are you running?


Andavari: Maybe.


If you are using Windows XP or Windows 2000, then download Dial-a-fix-medium , double click it, extract it to a folder, double click on Dial-a-fix.exe inside of that folder, click on the Tools button (the hammer) then double click on Repair permissions. If you are using Windows 98 or Millennium edition, don't do any of that.


For XP/2000:

Click Start, Run, and then type/paste each of the following lines, one by one, including the quotation marks:

regsvr32 "%ProgramFiles%\CCleaner\CCHelper.ocx"

regsvr32 "%ProgramFiles%\CCleaner\CCListBar.ocx"

regsvr32 "%ProgramFiles%\CCleaner\CCListView.ocx"

regsvr32 "%ProgramFiles%\CCleaner\CCTab.ocx"

regsvr32 "%ProgramFiles%\CCleaner\CCTreeView.ocx"

regsvr32 "%ProgramFiles%\CCleaner\CCSubTimer.dll"

regsvr32 "%ProgramFiles%\CCleaner\CCSystem.dll"


For Windows 98/Me, replace %ProgramFiles% with C:\Program Files\ so each line would become:

regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCHelper.ocx" (etc)

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