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ccleaner-cleaner problem

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I have been using ccleaner for a long time with no problems.Recentley,When I run the cleaner to clear out cashe,cookies ect... the program will continue to scan my system over and over without stopping.I am using Firefox as a browser,but it happens on IE too.I have deleted ccleaner and installed it again,but no luck solving the problem.I can use all the other functions on ccleaner with no issues,except for the "cleaner".Go figure??

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I'm not sure this even pertains to the problem you're having, however perhaps you could use the built-in browser tools to remove the cache. I know on systems with allot of junk the progress bar will keep repeating until it's finished, even Internet Explorer can take some minutes to delete a ton of Temporary Internet Files if it isn't cleaned that often. This isn't really recommended however if you do have allot of junk on your system temporarily disabling the real-time/resident protection of your installed antivirus will allow CCleaner to delete the junk files much faster.


If/when CCleaner starts behaving normally again remember to run it at least once per day to keep if from taking too long to remove junk files.

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The Temporary Internet Folder in Internet Explorer (IE) defaults to 10% of the hard drive which was OK when hard drives were 10MB or less.


In IE go to Tools then Internet Options then Settings then move the slider down to 40MB.


This should speed up browsing and make it quicker to clean it out.

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It's not scanning your system over and over... this is why MrG needs to implement an indeterminate progress bar, or at least list files as they're being scanned or deleted, instead of waiting until the end to show the list. The progress bar starts over because the progress bar does not know how much time is left.


Your CCleaner works fine -- just wait.

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