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5.32.6129 64-bit, win10, and IE history

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I have the most recent version and when I run the program with default settings, the program hangs at 17% trying to clean the Internet Explorer history. I can leave it like this overnight with no progress. I then have to kill the program from the task manager as cancel doesn't.


If I uncheck "history" for Internet Explorer (not Edge), then all works great. This is a new problem with this release. I have not seen this problem before.


Screen shot attached.





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pretty sure this has come up in the recent past.

turn off CC checking IE history for now and do a clean of the history from within the browser, once over the hump, retry CC.


post back your findings.

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It's now September and I have this problem as well.

Any chance someone at piriform can put this on their to-do list?



Not something that's to be fixed. Something (one file for instance) is locked in use. Did you do what was asked in the second post
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