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It takes too long to patch...(security fixes)


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It takes too long to patch

by Konstantin Kornakov | Apr 18 2006 18:05 GMT

It?s long been said that software vendors do not release security fixes quickly enough. The last few months have seen a number of companies being criticised for taking too long to release patches for critical vulnerabilities. At the same time, response speed is becoming quicker, reducing the window of opportunity available to attackers. Malicious users are also adapting and are exploiting security flaws quicker than ever before, paving the way to the appearance of so-called ?zero-day? exploits: these appear virtually at the same time that the vulnerability is disclosed.


However, in this battle for security one important factor is commonly overlooked. The reduced window of opportunity means that users now must also act as speedily as possible to install patches. And a new survey shows that this is still not being done.


The study shows that 19% of companies take more than a week.......

Source : Kaspersky News?

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