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"\lang\lang-1031.dll" error during installation

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Hello everybody !



I've just changed my system drive and reinstalled Windows 10. It is the version 1703 of Windows. In 64-bit. And in French (my wife doesn't speak English).


I want to reinstall CCleaner on this fresh new drive but the installation fails. Even in administrator mode. The message is:


Error opening file for writing:





I repeat: even in administrative mode.



Here is an image of the message:




And all the language DLL files are shown ones after the others if I click "Ignore". And at the end it installs... but in the root of the drive !




And I have exactly the same error during the installation of Recuva. I haven't tried yet with Defrag nor with Speccy.


What happens ? And how to address this issue ?





Perhaps a clue... Here is the log:







Thank you !


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Sadly, I don't know why this happens on your system, but you can try to customize the installation:


Click on "Customize" (below the blue "Install" Button), then click on "More" (also below a blue "Install" Button) and check the path, respectively enter "C:\Program Files\CCleaner" as the correct path.

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Done. It doesn't change anything. :(

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or simply use the Portable build from here; http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds


Perfect !




It of course doesn't explain the reason of the issue... but it has solved my problem so that now I can reuse CCleaner.


With your tip I have also managed to reinstall Degraggler, and Speccy.


But the download link of Recuva Portable doesn't work, though present (see below). The action goes immediately to reopen the home page of Piriform.



For the record, I remind the address of the pages where can be found the portable editions:











EDIT: for Recuva I have managed by using a direct link:




Thanks a lot !


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