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Uninstall link on Right Click menu on shortcut?

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Hi, first post here.

I made an account just to ask if this feature would even be possible.


Like in android, long click presents us with delete shortcut or uninstall.

I got so used to it, that i did a right click on few shortcuts on my desktop, hoping for an uninstall link from ccleaner.


Is this even possible?

Is is a good feature other users might like?

What do you think about it?

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It is already possible to do this with Windows 10, sort of.


It doesn't work on the desktop or file explorer yet, but does for the apps list in the start menu.

Just right click an app in the list and you will be offered an uninstall option.


Other than Windows 10 there are a couple of free offerings that will add 'uninstall' to your Windows context (right click) menu.

Just google it.

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