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Voltages Clearly Wrong

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I am a bit disappointed this has not been resolved. It has been going on with every version of Speccy since I built this system in Oct 2015.


Speccy reports:


+3.3V    2.028 V

+5V       3.367 V

+12V     0.048 V



If my PSU was outputting those voltages, this computer would not be running.


Note HWiNFO reports:


+3.3V    3.305 V

+5V       5.010 V

+12V     12.168 V

VBAT      3.048V

Those voltages are right in line with my multimeter readings. Since other HW monitors report correct voltages, it is not the sensors. I must be Speccy.


And note I have seen this on several computers. And sadly, I have seen where forum posters, concerned about those voltages, have wasted their money buying new power supplies that were not needed. It is for this voltage reading alone that I often recommend other hardware monitors/system information programs to people instead of Speccy even though Speccy otherwise, is a great program.

Bill (AFE7Ret)

Freedom is NOT Free!

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V1.32.740 (64-bit) (21 May 2018) - most recent version as of 10 Sep 2019

Looks like this still hasn't been fixed?

CPU CORE    0.972 V
+3.3V    2.784 V
+5V    2.762 V
+12V    10.944 V
-12V    -8.880 V
-5V    -8.880 V

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