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corrupted files 10 days old

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I have no clue what to do with Recuva, but I need to run msconfig and after running it, I'm not sure I want to that right away. I see file corruption from files dated 6/5/17. One example is a ??? file that can be replaced by TABTIPS. Couldn't find this example by typing TABTIPS in search. How about this example: well, I can't even figure out how to copy an example to post.


Could be malware or it could be that I refreshed Window 10 or it could be that Google finally updated me an I got to remove their data storage that was deleted, but not removed from their servers. 


I copied the list. I'm working through the 'Start with Windows' issue forum help; to rid my computer of multiple errors. Msconfig is after updating drivers which is an ongoing issue on my computer. Next is to run malware programs. By all appearances, file corruption repairs could improve the performance. Question: What use if any is running Msconfig before or after using Recuva? (I really don't even know how to use Recuva, but there are a lot of items with different colored buttons.

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