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Pro version automatic browser cleaning and real-time junk monitoring


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Does anyone know what they mean by automatic browser cleaning and real-time junk monitoring for the pro/paid version of CCleaner for Mac?


For example, does the automatic browser cleaning run on a schedule?  Or by some other method?


And what exactly does the real-time junk monitoring really do?


I could find nothing in the online program documentation that explains any of it.  And I am not about to pay money just to figure that out what they mean.


I am looking for a new program to effectively automatically nuke most of my cookies each day.  The program I that currently use no longer deals with cookies in its newer versions.  It still works for now, but I don't know if that will continue.  So, I am keeping my eye out for a possible replacement.

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I saw all those before you posted links...but they are all aimed at the Windows version.  While it is likely that the Mac version works similarly, there is ZERO information that confirms that.  So, I would have to assume that it works similarly...and I don't like assuming.  For example, there nothing anywhere that suggest that the Mac version actually has scheduling.  No dialog boxes.  Nothing in the online documentation.  In fact, the online documentation does not address the "pro" Mac version in any way whatsoever.  


And frankly, the whole section on the Mac version is wanting.  At spots they still refer to Yosemite as the current macOS while in other spots indicate the CCleaner for Mac is "officially" supported for Yosemite AND El Capitan (but nothing about the current macOS version of Sierra).  Their whole effort kind of comes across as the Mac version being not a priority at all.  And that makes me very hesitant to buy the Pro version even if it does do what I want.  


And a comment in the thread asking for Mac version helpers on the forums attributed to the developers about how the secure wipe problems with CCleaner was essentially Apple's fault since CCleaner was using Apple's implementation of secure wipe...even when Apple does NOT allow users to use secure wipe in Disk Utility with SSDs, but CCleaner apparently just blew past that.  To me, that is Piriform's fault for not implementing a check in CCleaner to not allow the secure wipe to be used with SSDs or come up with their own secure wipe method for SSDs rather than trying to force Apple's implementation to work with an SSD when Apple themselves don't use it for SSDs.  I consider it a mistake on Piriform's part, but mistakes are OK...just own up to them rather than try to pass the buck.  I will cut a bit of slack because the comment was essentially hearsay.  But, then there is not clear cut information on whether or not the issue has been fixed (other than "don't use the secure wipe" type approach).  Since I don't plan on using the secure wipe aspect, I don't really care that much if the feature is fixed, but it should still be fixed.

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