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CCleaner Pro Update Fails in Vista

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I'm using Vista Home Basic 32 bit.


When I click on "Check for updates" I'm told an update is available and shown the version number.


I click on "Yes" to install the update but then get an error message saying Ccleaner could not be updated.

0x2eff: The connection to the server was reset.


Does anybody know why I have the problem.

I've been using CCleaner Pro for a few years without any problem. The above problem has only started just recently.


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check you have the very latest version which was a patch released yesterday.

you want v5.30.6065, available here; http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds


get the free then plug in your key to make it Pro.

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I had v5.30.6063, the problem started with the version prior to 6063.


I have manually downloaded the builds, I did that last time and this time and they seem to install without problem retaining my registration information.


I just think it would be very convenient if I could update from within the program as I have done in the passed.


I tried turning off Windows Firewall when checking for updates, it didn't help.

I don't have proxy server turned on.

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If you've been having issues with it not automatically updating by itself perhaps visit the Microsoft Updates/Windows Updates site, and download any update that states it's for Root Certificates. Sometimes updating Root Certificates when an update is available may fix the issue.

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Thank you mta and Andavari, I don't have cCleaner set up for auto updates.

I update it by clicking on the link at the bottom right hand of the main page and clicking "Check for updates".

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