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CCleaner - Network edition - not able to scan / clear recycle bins

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Very briefly, the problem we are getting is that on multiple computers, CCleaner Network is scanning Recylce bins of computers and not clearing them. These machines are domain-ed and have multiple users on each machine, with files in all of their recycle bins.


(All other scans and clearing files is working as far as I can tell, just not the recycle bin.)


We have updated to version -  2.08.49

We have run the program as Admin

We are signed into the program under domain admin details


scans of TEMP files are working,

Just not recycle bins.

This is true for multiple computers as well,

Please advise,


Thank you


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I have had an email from John regarding the pinned tab - Recycle bin. 

Going to try it out and see if this works, if not, I'll update this ticket regarding the resolution. 

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