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Speccy or windows showing wrong resolution

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Hello, I just got a brand new 4k monitor and the differences shown from windows and speccy are different.


On Windows I get:




While on Speccy I get:



On http://www.whatismyscreenresolution.com/ and similar sites I get:



On Nvidia control panetl I get:






SO yeah, what on earth resolution am I running and why does it differ between speccy and other sites and windows?

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Speccy's Monitor Width and Monitor Height agree with what Windows is stating the resolution is.

Looks like the issue is what Windows deems to be the terminology used to state the screen 'resolution'.


What Windows version are you running?

Is your first screen shot showing the current resolution or the recommended resolution?

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I have this exact same problem, even though my second 1080p monitor reports correct results.

The common factor here is this ASUS monitor itself, I own the exact same one I couldn't find any firmware update for it though.

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good to know, thanks for the feedback.

let's hope the Dev Team see this and act accordingly.

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