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Question regarding updating MVPS file in HostsXpert


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@ Andavari - you mentioned using HostsXpert in the following post:  https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=47985&p=281658


Can you tell me what procedure you use to update the MVPS file in HostsXpert.  I seem to be having difficulties   :(


Naturally anyone else who knows the procedure, please feel free to tell me   :)

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In HostsXpert you have to disable the HOSTS files read-only attribute first:

1. In the "File Handling" tab click Make Writable? - it's in red bold text at the very top.


2. Click "Download" then click MVPs Hosts... - it will now download and replace the old version if there's an update.


3. Rather there's an update or not, when done go back into "File Handling", and click Make ReadOnly? - it's in black bold text at the very top.



For people on older systems like WinXP after installing or changing the HOSTS file you need to log off, and then log on for the changes to properly take effect - or restart the computer.

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Thanks Andavari, it's working great now.  The problem was that the DNS was running and thus HostsXpert would not download.  Within services.msc I had previously changed DNS from automatic to manual but when I just checked a few minutes ago it was running again.  This time I disabled the DNS and rebooted and then HostsXpert worked perfectly.


I guess I should leave DNS disabled.


Thanks for tip #3 - I had never done that - i.e. leave File Handling as Make Read Only.  It certainly makes sense to do that.

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Read-only doesn't stop malware from modifying it, or dubious websites that have a script to empty your HOSTS file so that their advertising isn't blocked.


Did you mean to type "doesn't stop"?  Would read only not stop any modification?

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