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The font is too small to read


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I have been using CCleaner for years and I like it, because it can keep my hard disk very clean and the PC can run faster.


Recently, after I upgraded to the latest version, my nightmare then begin-----the fonts on the working pages of CCleaner are so small that they seem small ants on the screen.  I am using a 22 inches monitor and when I surf the webpages, I can enlarge the pages to the full width of my monitor so I can read clearly.  I believe many computer users using 22 / 24 /27 inches monitors have the same problem as me---not good eye sight because of age or visual problems.


However, the latest CCleaner's fonts are fixed and even I tried it on 24 / 27 inches monitor, the problem is still the same and made no different.  Even I change the default fonts on my computer or simply using a Control-mouse wheel trying to enlarge the fonts (or the working pages ) on the CCleaner pages, it just don't work at all, the FONTS ARE FIXED. 


I wonder why I am using a big screen to read small ants on it-----can anyone from Piriform give me an us a good reason why the fonts need to be fixed.  To see more information are good, but only if the users can read them.  Trying to squeeze more information on a screen obviously is NOT a good idea and users should have the right to choose.  Especially home computer users are more and more using big screen monitor and in facts, you can hardly find a monitor with screen smaller that 22 inches in the market.  I believe those laptop user also experience such painful experience as well.  And I strongly believe your pay version do not have much clients or growth because many users would rather pay for a better version or else, why to pay for a software that not really what we want. 


What have your marketing research have been doing---they are dreaming and discriminating part of your users


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The text is rather small and bifocal glasses would be required. However everything on your screen in that screenshot would have me pulling out some binoculars.


You can try these instructions to see if they work on your Win7 system (it's already been confirmed to not work on WinXP):


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