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What's the up-to-date story on WOT - good or bad?

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As some of you likely know (perhaps most of you  :) ), in November last year Web Of Trust was removed from Firefox & Chrome add-ons - see image.




A portion of an article ( http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/mozilla-firefox-disables-wot-add-on/ ) from Digital Trends, dated January 26/17, states the following:


Mozilla’s Firefox browser is apparently disabling the WOT add-on and marking it as suspicious based on concerns over the protection of user data. Apparently, WOT was previously identified as a problem add-on and removed from the list of available add-ons, and now those users who still have WOT installed in Firefox are no longer able to use it


I'm a little confused now because I discovered WOT is back again in the Google Chrome Web Store (updated March 27/17).




Well, I have 2 questions:


1) In your opinion, is WOT good to use or should it be avoided?


2) Has anyone used "Bitdefender Traffic Light" which will also (like WOT) display an icon on links within Facebook?  EDIT: I guess it's too old now - I see the download was last updated in 2015.  UPDATE: According to BitDefender support, quote "the websites list is updated constantly so you can browse the web safely".


Thanks for your time!

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I won't be installing WOT again. When something so abusive happens without disclosure it isn't something I would trust, and without it the Internet hasn't blown up and I haven't visited anywhere via a search engine that has nuked my supposedly old "insecure" XP system - yet at least.


I was going to try BitDefender Traffic Light, until I read some of the user comments on the Firefox add-on page, but that's been awhile ago, and I've forgotten what they said. :lol:

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