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"AUTO RUN" and "MINIMIZE TO Tray" ISSUES ... with Win UAC?

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I have a problem enabling the "Run Speccy when the computer starts" and "Minimize to tray" options.


- The first one ("Run Speccy...") does NOT work for Windows users (it DOES work for the system Administrator's account, though), even with the "Skip User Account Control warning" checked,


- The latter ("Minimize...") does NOT work even for the system Adminisrator (the "Run Speccy..." DOES work for him, but it opens the main Speccy window, which then remains opened).


I followed the online manual http://www.piriform.com/docs/speccy/speccy-settings (btw, it now seems to be outdated - missing newly added features). I have tried with the "Save all settings to INI file" option ON and OFF - none helps solve the problem.


Here are the screenshots of the current settings:




Do you have ani tips and/or ideas?


Thanks and kind regards

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