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Failed Windows Defender Definition Updates

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From todays playing about:
Acrobat Reader DC seems pretty unstable, keeps crashing. (There again its was doing this before but not as much as today).
Loading of some (not all) webages I visit regularly seems slow.
I'd like to get an Icon for the security centre on the desktop but haven't managed to find a path to it yet to set up a shortcut.
It seems to be built into the OS.
I can pin it to the start menu, (sort of) it still takes a couple of clicks to get to a scan, and it is also in the system tray, but I would still like a desktop icon.
Everything else seems to be working fine but I have noticed that boot times seem to be slower.
May just be a settling down thing, or it may have added some things to the startup.
Just checked and it has added some startup items, in particular a "Security Health" in windows, a "Onedrive standalone update task" in scheduled tasks, & a couple of "Open powershell here" things in context menu.
Need to check if they are needed or not. (The Onedrive crap is definitely going for a start).
It seems that the powershell stuff is two changed entries in right click start menu that have replaced the previous 'Command prompt' entries.
It will probably get incorporated properly later without the need for the startup items.
Command prompt is still available from run if you want to use it instead of powershell.
PS. I'm not sure about the Night Light thing, seemed to make my display get a funny purple'ish tint. May just be my personal colour preferences.



This thread has gone way of topic from the original thread title about defender update fails, but I don't seem to be able to edit my original title.


Can a mod do it, or maybe seperate out the Creators update stuff from post #15 onwards and merge it into the thread that Hazelnut started.


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