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Ex-Mozilla engineer warns against third-party antivirus


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I got bored last night, and so I tried it. And I didn't need a week to make up my mind!



It's a false positive machine, just like it's been for years


I bet you wish you had taken a sleeping pill, or two!


With all the false positives it's another program for flushing into oblivion   :)

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All I can say about Norton's is I switched back to it from AVG IS about 3 years ago now when I found out I could get NIS for $AUD13.

I am yet to find any reason not to keep using it, it simply works - like any AV or software should.


The reason I went away from it all those years ago and started using AVG IS was Norton's did indeed get very bloated, to the point they lost users in droves.

I'm glad to say, those days are long gone, in my opinion it is not bloated (at least no more so than any other AV).


HOWEVER, I will say, again like any modern gen software, they DO work best when paired with modern gen hardware.

Running Norton's v22 (latest) on a XP machine, for example, will show up your PC's resource limits.

I've put Norton's on many PC's and have noticed no discernible performance issues.


It does report false positives for WizTree and ZHPCleaner for me, but heck, I'd rather false positives than true negatives!!!

Backup now & backup often.
It's your digital life - protect it with a backup.
Three things are certain; Birth, Death and loss of data. You control the last.

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I guess, like anything else, it's all about personal experiences and thereby personal preferences.  I have been using Kaspersky Total Security for a little over 1 year now and have 2 years left on my license.  I'm very happy with it and will likely renew when the time comes.  But, who knows, at that time perhaps price will have to be considered and perhaps other anti-virus software will be something to consider.  Who knows what the future will bring.   :)

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Total Defense (which I've never even considered installing).


Supposedly Total Defense is by the eTrust EZ Antivirus guys and gals, remember that? Well at least that's the info I saw in a YouTube review of it awhile ago.

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I have been using Kaspersky Total Security


I've always like Kaspersky's antivirus products, and at least they aren't prone to as many false positives. The only antivirus I've used in recent years that doesn't produce a ton of false positives is Panda Free Antivirus.

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