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windows 7 64bit runs slowly on amd ii x2 240

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i was recently in a public association. there ran a computer with Windows 7 64 bit on an AMD II X2 240 with 2 GB Ram (in a network). For the display are available an onboard graphic and probably a Geforce 630 (if I have correctly seen, im not sure). Avira Antivirus free is installed.

there was still a Kaspersky Anti-Virus installation, at which the usage period has expired. This I have uninstalled.


the ram usage is 1,2 GB only with showing desktop.

autostart is only grafikdriver, avira...

i have looked at the whole only volatile, in any case, the processor is almost in low usage.


the startprocedure seems to be fine.


the computer responds quite sluggishly or it takes a few seconds or longer for something to be called up.


the computer probably comes from the university. I can not imagine that this computer ran with this bad performance so in the university ...



my questions:


is this normal?

is it the 64bit version because it slow down or is it the amount of ram or what else?

perhaps wrong driver?

has anyone had a clue or already experiences with something like that?


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Perhaps the disk(s) need error scanned with ChkDsk, and then defragmented. And virus scanned!


Since it was probably in-use constantly at an university system maintenance might not have been regularly performed on it.

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thank you for your advices.

the next time im there, ill try to figure out what's going on... perhaps one and/or another of your advices will help :-)

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