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CCleaner may be culprit in iTunes preferences issue I have


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Hello, big fan, been using CCleaner for a very long time, and I was really happy that it was available for Mac's after I made the switch. And I recommend it to all clients and friends looking for such a tool.


I recently started having some "preferences not being saved" with iTunes. I abandoned Mac OS Sierra and downgraded to El Capitan as despite all my effort, I couldn't get it fixed. iTunes would act like it was being opened for the first time every time I used it. And it was affecting other programs like TrackSift 2's ability to interact with iTunes.


Everything has been working fine after a clean install of El Capitan, iTunes was back to normal. I decided to use CCleaner for the first time on the new install since everything is pretty much set up. I had been using iTunes earlier and it was working fine. After a run in CCleaner, I exited the program and went back to iTunes and be d@mned if it didn't act like I was opening it for the first time, and continues to do so after each exit and reopen.


I know that isn't concrete proof that CCleaner has cleaned something that attributes to my problem, but it's very strong evidence, I am only about 36 hours into a brand new install of El Capitan. Has anyone else experienced this, I never found a fix, I just had to do a fresh install which I can't do on regular basis. Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated. I didn't find anything of weight in the console, but could post if needed.



CCleaner Professional 1.14.451

El Capitan 10.11.6

iMac 5K Late 2015

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I have more evidence as I continue to explore this new discovery. If you delete /Users/User/Library/Preferences/com.apple.iTunes.plist, iTunes opens as if the first time, and after closing and reopening, it works fine, fixed. This was always temporary but I didn't know why. Once fixed, if you run CCleaner, the problem reappears. CCleaner is in some way "corrupting" the plist file (that's just a guess).

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I have highlighted your thread to the Admin team directly.


Being a paid customer and having no response from your direct email support request is not good enough.


As to a response from the forum, do realise we are all volunteer members here, simple trying to help other members if we can.

The forum (and the world in general) is VERY short on Mac users, than take from that the number of those members who log on regularly and than the subset of those that care enough to respond and it's not too surprising no-one has replied in 4 days.


If I hear anything from Admin, I'll let you know.

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I have sent a second email. Your forum, although it does say community forum, and CCleaner discussion as oppose to support, is very disconcerting. In several posts it says things, like "the admin's may look it" or "an admin will see it sooner or later". The "community driven" support model here may be cheap on your end, but most of what I have read provides little to nothing for you OS X product.


As a customer, an IT support professional, and someone who has recommended your product countless times, I, as I am sure many customers would, would love if you took a more active approach to these forums because the community is not capable of providing routine support as of yet.


As for my issue, I have quit using CCleaner because my use of iTunes trumps the need for it, and I can't in good faith recommend it as the safest solution to people that would like such as easy option to clean there pc's or mac's, perhaps this will be a short lived issue and CCleaner can fall back into the recommended product of choice for safe and effective cleaning.

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  • 1 month later...

Did you ever get an answer from support?


Not sure if I want to run CCleaner for Mac on my machine if it is gonna mess with my iTunes setup.


From looking through the program, I don't see any obvious setting or item being cleaned that would do this.  The closest would be the "Logs" or maybe "Directory Service Cache" under System rules, but I don't see why any of those would mess with iTunes.  There is an item for iTunes under the Application rules, but I am not sure what this rule if checked would specifically do with iTunes.  From the online manual, it appears that it "...will typically clear out document history, visited URLs, and temporary files for that application.  Did you have the iTunes option checked under the Application rules?

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