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''Your PC uses a processor that isn’t supported on this version of Windows''


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"Your PC uses a processor that isn’t supported on this version of Windows" error when you scan or download Windows updates.



This error occurs because new processor generations require the latest Windows version for support. For example, Windows 10 is the only Windows version that is supported on the following processor generations:

  • Intel seventh (7th)-generation processors
  • AMD “Bristol Ridge”
  • Qualcomm “8996"


In other words, you can install Win 7 or 8 on machines with these processors but you won't be able to get security updates for them after April unless you update to Win 10 :o


More info here



Support contact





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Yeah, I knew about this and personally I think it's just plain wrong that they're doing this.  Support is just an excuse, it's not like these new chips are too weak to handle the old software - it's all about they just want you on win 10 and they don't care about users having a choice.  I'm actually interested to see how long it takes for a workaround to become available for this though, I'm pretty sure someone out there is seeing this as something to solve simply because It's not meant to be done.

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Saw a YouTube video on this last week, and the guy said they could allow updates if they wanted too but won't in order to force people onto Win10. And once on Win10 they will spy on them and harvest their info.

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