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Why does Defraggler not fully defrag?

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I've just downloaded and used Defraggler for the first time, initially trying Quick Defrag (which wasn't very quick) and then Defrag.  On the latter, after about five hours on a 40GB IDE disk (my OS is WinXP SP3) I was surprised to see that despite the Defrag Complete message, the disk fragmentation is still 27%.


(Sorry, I don't appear to be able to insert a screen dump from Clipboard so please see attachment)


Why is this and what, if anything, can I do to achieve a full defrag?  


Any help for a newbie will be appreciated.


Apologies for the missing attachment (or is it because I don't know where to look for it!).  Whatever, I've another interesting (?) snippet to add to my post:


The drive shown in the attachment DOES NOT APPEAR TO HAVE ANY MFT ALLOCATION (compared to a very large segment on another HDD tested).  How can this be?  I didn't think Windows XP Pro SP3 could operate without an MFT.   Perhaps someone can advise me?

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