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Netgear A6100 WiFi USB Mini Adapter


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Hi all :)

So this is how I connect to the Internet with my desk top PC at the moment.

I'm guessing these WIFI USB dongles are all pretty much the same so my question is...

Should I remove this adapter from the USB port after disconnecting from my WIFI network ? 

If I don't physically remove it from my PC via Windows "Safely Remove Hardware" it keeps on searching for a WIFI network.

Or is it normal to just leave it plugged in all the time even during shut down and start ups of my PC ?       


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Wifi adapters don't need to be 'safely removed' as there is no queuing of info to/from them that could be lost if the adapter was yanked out before any such queue was flushed out.

once you tell it to connect to a network and tick the 'auto connect' box, it should just work.

it should keep trying to find your network.


they tend to just stay plugged in.

don't know any situation where I've seen them pulled out - unless you want to kill the connection quickly.

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