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CCleaner automatically starts when windows starts

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Hello, Piriform.

I've been experiencing a problem for the past year using the CCleaner free version. This has been happening for all the versions that have been launched over a year now.

The problem is that whenever I deactivate "CCleaner" from the Startup menu, it will automatically activate back on whenever I would open it again.

So the thing is, when I deactivate it from startup and restart my PC, CCleaner won't boot; but if I deactivate it from startup and open it, it will start up with the PC whenever I boot it up. 


Hope I was coherent enough and you understood my problem.




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1. You may need to disable everything in Monitoring, if that's what's auto starting. When it was first introduced it could be rather difficult to disable:

It's located in: Options -> Monitoring


More information on the Monitoring settings:




2. There's also the Run CCleaner when the computer starts entry which may need disabled:

It's located in: Options -> Settings



If it still ignores your preferences after trying to disable both settings mentioned above you may need to reset the CCleaner settings as detailed here (warning you will lose your preferred CCleaner settings doing this such as your Cookies to Keep list, etc):

Click: Options -> Advanced -> Restore default settings


Note that the default settings may enable Monitoring, so you may have to manually disable it again to avoid it starting all the time.


If 'Restore default settings' doesn't work you may need to uninstall CCleaner, and then download and reinstall it again - such would be the case if the settings for it are somehow corrupt, etc., (warning you will lose your preferred CCleaner settings doing this such as your Cookies to Keep list, etc).

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