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Ability to Relocate Temp Folders


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I am new to this forum!


I wonder if it will be a good idea to have a new function to relocate all (most) temp folders of all programs detected by CCleaner to be remapped to a seperate drive location to prolong the longevity of the storage device and similarly further improving computing performance and experience?


This notion came up when I was creating a RAMDisk virtual drive for my storage media to reduce the wear/tear effect on my storage hardware and was put off with the idea of having to manually relocate all the temp folders individually.


Since CCleaner already has the ability to locate and clear most temporary files on a operating system, wouldn't it be awesome to expand a functionailty for users to relocate these folder locations to a seperate location? Conversely, relocating temp folders for other applications would require acknowledgement of the affected programs so that the new locations can be utilized successfully in the remapped zone.


I have search the internet high and low for this specific function but there is ZERO (I repeat, ZEROOO!!) applications in the market that actually provides this function.


I believe it will be a revolution for Piriform to introduce this new function to the global software market. This much awaited function for the unattended needs of every gamers, system builders and IT security analyst, or perhaps every single computer user in the world, will definitely bring about great rejoice! Hey! For all we know this might provide an opportunity for Piriform to get IPO-ed!?


Please do tell me if it can ever become a product itself as I wish to have my real name mentioned so that I can show off to my employer, colleagues, family & friends! Or better yet, what does it takes to be an employee in your company? :P


Thank you very muchie!! *Peace & very veeeeerry excited!!





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You don't really need CCleaner to have the ability to relocate temp folders since Windows has had the functionality in it for a very long time and with very little effort.


Some software will ignore the changes of remapping your temp folder elsewhere, which is why I don't bother doing it anymore.



See this search:


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