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CCleaner 32 has been hanging since 5.23

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Hi, using CCleaner 32 bit with W7.


Ever since installing v 5.23, when using the cleaner, the application hangs, usually at 4%, and will sit there pinwheeling for as long as I have patience to wait, like 10 minutes or more.


Cancel hangs, too, or doesn't work because the app is already stuck.


Task Manager, or x out to cancel the "not responding" app; try again. Occasionally, trying analyze first, which runs very quickly, and then cleaner, will work, though still slower than it ever did prior to that release.


I keep updating in hopes that the problem will be resolved, but, now on 5.27, I just waited 15 minutes and nothing happened. Went through the Task Manager cancel process again.


Restarted the app, ran analyze first, then cleaner and it did run, albeit slower than it ever used to. There haven't been any major changes to the machine I'm using, or any major file additions. Same old rig.


CCleaner has been a very good friend for a long, long time, and I've been totally happy with the performance. It's amazing to find how frustrating this hanging up is, as CCleaner was one software that I never had to give a second thought to.


But, now that I'm seeing popups to "upgrade" when the app actually runs, I have to say that there's no smart reason to upgrade when the free version is causing very frustrating, time-wasting delays.

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what browser do you use?

what is being cleaned when CC 'hangs'? (I'm guessing IE)

does it still hang when ran with the PC in Safe Mode?

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Try a clean/fresh install since updating hasn't resolved the issue:
1. Download the newest version of CCleaner from the official website:
2. Uninstall CCleaner.
3. Restart Windows.
4. Install the newest version you just downloaded.

If it's still giving you issues after that read this topic on how to run CCleaner in Debug mode:



I don't remember what version had the changes in it to clean IE and Edge differently which is notably slower, but taking 15 minutes is way too long.

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