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Is the CCleaner Free ap still available?


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I have used CCleaner for years to manually clean my hard disk, never believing the professional version was worth what I needed to use the product for.  My most recent version was 5.26.  I was prompted last week that a newer version was available and when I inquired on 5.27, it appeared to me that the free version on 5.27 no longer provided Complete Cleaning or automatic history cleaning.


Is that true?  Is it now time to pay for the professional version when I only clean my PC once a month?  I love the application and it has been helpful, but clearly has performance tools that are above what I have used in the past.


Please let me know your thoughts.  Thank you in advance!

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Hi tomlinsn, and welcome to Piriform.


Have a look here at the differences between CCleaner free and pro versions. (Scroll down the page).




You'll see that CCleaner Pro has more features but other than that the basic cleaning routines of each are the same.


So if you want to stick with the free version you won't be sacrificing any "cleaning" functionality.


Hope that helps.


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My issue is somewhat related.  I signed up for the Free version of CCleaner, but can't get it to run after downloading.  I get a request for my register number, which is supposedly sent with my e-mailed receipt.  Since I didn't pay anything, I didn't get a receipt.


Any suggestions?

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