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How to undo a Quick Format

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I accidentally did a Quick Format on my WD 1TB Passport external USB drive.

I believe that the MFT (master file table) must still be there since I was able to see lots (but not all) files when I did a Scan with Recuva.

Unfortunately, I only see about half of my file and folder set.

When I did a recover to a separate Seagate 4 TB external drive, they WERE (good news) placed in a folder structure like I hd them.



1. How can I put the MFT back in place in the WD drive so that I get all files on that WD drive available?

2. Do I need to do something special?

3. As a feature of Recuva, shouldn't there be an UNDO capability as I see that a lot of people online do this?

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