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df64 progress bar

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Is there a progress bar for the df64.exe? I've watched it run for 3-4 hours with no idea how far its progressed. I hate to do it but I start using the drive which has to screw with the process. If I knew it needed another 20 minutes or ??? to finish I may be tempted to let it run undisturbed vs interrupting it midstream.

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from the main screen, if you just hit the Defrag button, there is no progress bar, but in the Current State section it will show the file currently being defrag'd, and it should be changing.

and up the top, under the Status column, you'll see a percentage.


but you can abort the process at any time.

it'll simply mean the file currently being processed will be stopped mid-defrag potentially leaving that one file with more fragments than it initially had.

when you restart DF, that file will be included then.

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