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Windows 7 can't open photos recovered from Smartphone SD card :-(.

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I have had great success using Recuva to recover photos from my Canon ELPH camera's SD card. However, I tried using it on a few deleted photos from my Android phone's SD card, and no luck. Recuva finds the files on the card (using the card in my laptop's card reader), I download them to a folder, the photos show up as the right size jpeg files, which Recuva says are undamaged. However, Windows says "Windows Photo Viewer can't open this picture because it appears the photo is damaged, corrupted, or too large". I tried opening it with Photoshop Elements, but no better luck.


Does Android do something to the photos to create this problem? Any solution?

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Have you tried Irfanview?



It can often open image files when costly, high end, photo viewers fail.


No guarantees, but its free so you have nothing to loose by trying.


Of course the photo files may actually be corrupted.

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