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Well I am going to start to recover some files. First my documents. Then my photos. What is the best or correct way to achieve getting all my files, can I do the documents first and then the photos. Or do I have to do everything I want at once. How can I get the best or good files to open so I don't have the painstakingly task of clicking on every file I want to recover. I used Recuva Free once, I thought maybe Professional does more for me. Please let me know what to do. I haven't even registered it with the license in my email yet. Thank you. Please if you know what to do exactly, I would appreciate someone who has done this before or someone from Piriform, don't want educated guesses. Need to recover top secret files, no not really. Just need my documents and photos of my son. Thank you.


Also can I leave it running in the morning and let it run its course and then when I get home, will it be ready for me to go through?

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Ok I read the documentation, but I want to make sure I can do what I want.

1.   Can I run RP to find just my documents first and then go back and look for photos.  

2.)  How do I keep RP from overwriting my HD or files. 

       My main concern, I do not want it to overwrite anything, maybe in case I have to search again at a later time.

2.) Is it better to run RP from a wizard standpoint or deep scan. (your opinion) I understand what both do.

3.) And is there anything that I can do just so I see tyhe green files that are good, if it is unrecoverable I don't want to see it.   Thank you

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1) Personally I would run the scan without any restrictions. A scan will always scan every file/cluster so no time is saved in specifying any file type, in fact running multiple scans is very time wasting. In Advanced mode you can select and unselect whatever file type you like from the original scan.


2) Recuva does not overwrite any file no matter how many times you scan. Other operations on your pc might, but Recuva doesn't. Don't recover to the same partition.


2 and a bit) I always run in Advanced mode, I believe it gives more control. The scan results should be identical, but in Advanced mode you can see what you're doing.


3) You can sort on State by clicking the column header. Excellent (green) will be at the top. You can then do a mass recovery and sort the results later.

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