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CCleaner affects boot-up

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Every time I've run CCleaner, my computer has booting problems, normally to the point that I have to use a restore disk to replace startup files. I tried only checking boxes to remove cookies and internet history and I still cannot boot correctly.


I run XP, any ideas? I love the idea of being able to tell the programs which cookies I *want* and let it erase the rest, I'm just nervous about the booting issue. This last time I didn't use the restore disk, but it takes me about 10 minutes to boot, and sometimes I have to reboot when my wallpaper sits with no icons. A couple days ago it hung at "welcome".


Thanks for any help--



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If we're randomly guessing, I'd guess that your hard drive is failing.


Download a S.M.A.R.T. status app and see for yourself.


I recommend HDD Health, HD Tune, or even Smart and Simple.

Click here if CCleaner Issues are re-appearing



DjLizard.net wiki


Dial-a-fix tips

DjLizard.net software support forum


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How long have you been using CCleaner?

having seen 'simular' problem practically ever since CC added the toolbar I'd have to guess since I'm not positive I've ever waited 10 mins for it to boot up.


Do you get a stop error or mention of files missing hence why windows can't boot. Can it boot to safe mode using F8 at startup? Uninstalled CCleaner and reinstalled it?


When ccleaner updated, did you uninstall old version before installing new one?





My drives pass the mfgr and other tests I've ran. Can't boot to safemode. Seems it runs fine until a situation occurs and then when run it there is no indication of a problem until attempt to restart. I have noticed some entries before such crash, but not always. Such as ole files within reg scan. I haven't noticed ole files mentioned in ccleaner reg scans in year possibly years until lately. Others mentioned include hive files.

I create the backup but windows crashes out (unable to restart) and I haven't tried reapplying such once I get xp back up and running. I have looked several times in event viewer for cause but no entries pertaining to the crash ever exist.

The os crash is usually corrupt or missing security or sam or others located within system32/config folder. Usually the files aren't missing. Once it is back up and running, system restore is corrupt as usually seen when ever I've needed such GoBack (Wildfile)

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