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Auto-run/clean on Mac OS X Sierra


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   I have been using Ccleaner for a while now on PC. I typically set the program to run automatically and silently by adding the /auto switch to the program path of the shortcut and then adding to user's startup folder. Is there a similar way on Mac OSX  to automatically run the cleaner option of CCleaner without requiring user intervention and automatically close afterwards? 

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Hi kspecial41, and welcome to the forum.


This has been asked for since at least 2012 and not being a Mac user (hardly any on this predominantly Windows forum), I can't physically look through the Mac version settings to check as to whether it has been introduced recently. However, I'm sure you've already done that so I'll assume it isn't yet an option.


That's surprising as another member posted a solution back in 2012. You can find that here, but bear in mind it's over 4 years old ...




It may still be a workable option so you can have a look at it, and in the meantime I'll point the CCleaner devs to your post.


By the way there doesn't appear to be anything in the latest CCleaner for Mac official guide here ...




At least I can't find anything.


With any luck the devs will respond to your post, but I can't promise. At the very least they will take notice of it.


Hope that helps.


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