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A Ccleaner for us poor Windows 7 64-bit users

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I don't need or want a version of Ccleaner that has all the Windows 10 crap on it.

It would certainly be nice if I could get a version of Ccleaner with this option.

I am running Windows 7 pro 64-bit with no more updates.

Thank you for Ccleaner.


Jack Shankle

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I'm not sure I understand, what "windows 10 crap" are you referring to? 5.26 works fine in my win7 machine.

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Thank you for responding Nergal,

IMHO Windows 10 is very invasive. What I do on my computer is my 

business and only my business. Microsoft needs to be stopped in their

invasive practices. I will never put Windows 10 on my computer.

I will run Windows 7 until the cows come home.

I put my Wife on Ubuntu to get rid of the windows crap one has

to tolerate.

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