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Serious problems since defragging

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I ran a defrag last night. Today I have no end of problems starting my computer with it crashing in the middle of me using it. Then restarts are hopeless . I uninstalled it altogether along with the ccleaner.

Anybody any ideas to help solve the problem . I have done nothing different since before using the defragger

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You need to give more info.


What operating system you are using.


What error shows when you crash, plus what happens when you crash.


Had you run a defrag before.


Why you removed Ccleaner.


Had you done a registry clean with Ccleaner.

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I'm using windows 10.

When I turn the computer on assuming that is I can get past the boot up screen it is freezing on the screen that says Bios mother board etc or I can hear the hard drive spinning and fan working . But the screen says it is received no no signal

If I try to run norton for example it gets so and I get a blue screen saying " your computer ran into a problem.we're just collecting error data and then froze at 40%".

I hadn't run defrag before .

I removed ccleaner because quite frankly it's looks like using the defrag has done some serious damage to my computer.

I would assume that piriform will provide no financial compensation if I have to take this to be fixed ?

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So you can get to a point where you are able to reach the desktop? I assume yes, because you mention running Norton.


If you are able to reach the desktop what are you able to do? Can you open the command prompt with admin? I ask this so you can run a Dism Restore Health fix.


Do you have any restore points?


As to Piriform paying compensation I'm afraid that is not likely, after all there is absolutely no way of knowing why your issues actually happened.


It could have a Windows Update at next boot that caused issues for instance,


As for taking it to be fixed you may well be able to do that yourself with a Windows 10 iso that you can download free.

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It takes about 10 tries of turning my machine on and off. Freezing at different points during start up.

A number of times I have attempted to re-install windows if gave me a blue screen error

The last update was on the 13/1/2017 and its was running fine until the defrag last night.

This was the last piece of software installed and run

I can't even get it to turn or get to the desktop without numerous attempts . I am serious unhappy and would with experience having run defrag and having major issues . I cannot use my PC , it will not get to the desktop

Advise that defrag is not used

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I suspect DF may have simply been the last straw for your hard drive.

At best, it's certainly a good possibility.


For the PC to 'freeze' at the BIOS stage, that's a hardware issue.

And while it's no certainty, the older the HD, the more likelihood this would be the case.

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A mi tambien me dio problemas defraggler y tuve que reseatear my windows 10, podia usar el navegador jugar juegos etc pero es como que perdi los drivers de red y otros problemas, lo curioso fue la primera vez que lo ejecute no dio problemas pero me decia que estaba un 20% fragmentado aun entonces le di un desfragmentar otra vez y se descageto todo xdxdxd paso hace 2 años

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