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I have a problem with Microsoft Outlook 2013. I can not open .pst format file because of the following message: "Cannot open Outlook window. Errors detected in file". Can someone advise me how to open or repair pst file? 


Any help would be appreciated.

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more info will need to be offered if anyone here can be of help.


so what have you tired?

where did you get up to?


you know where your outlook.pst file lives?

you ran the scanpst.exe program?

what did it do/say?


the folder your outlook.pst lives in, make sure you scan all the pst files there (if there are more than one) as the error could be in your archive.pst or any other one.

it depends on what personal folders you had opened the last time you used Outlook.


some other things to try, just in case it may help.

boot Outlook in Safe Mode by pressing Ctrl+R and in the Open field, type in outlook.exe /safe

failing that, in the same Run window, in the Open field, type outlook.exe /resetnavpane


feel free to supply as much info as you can, the better the info, the better the respones.

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And..... what happened with Outlook in Safe Mode???

Did you try /resetnavpane???

Give a screen shoot of this "same error".


Reinstalling Outlook will not help as if we can believe the error message, the problem isn't with Outlook but with one of its PST files.


Have you found where your PST files live?

Have you ran the scanpst program against them?


And feel free to use more than one line replies....

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Now that's a surprise that your 'friend' came along to help you convert using that software he recommended.


Name of software removed and both members banned.


Classic example of a setupper.

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