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Replace WDD after install, or...?

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I recently installed the current version of Defraggler, as WDD doesn't defrag files larger than 64mb (system is getting slow...).


I unticked replace WDD on install (no reason)- Now I have a WDD icon, as well as a DF icon on desktop. 

Having both icons on on desktop seems to confuse my ESET Smart Security v8 AV (Hate it, and going to try Norton Security Premium next).


I have decided to go ahead & replace WDD with DF, and delete the WDD desktop icon-


1. Do I need to just tick Replace WDD in my DF settings, or uninstall DF & tick Replace on new install.


2. Do I need to then need to Disable WDD in MSC (it is currently Manual, with no Auto defrag)?


3. What is the advantage... of replacing WDD with DF?

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since the WDD defrag is set to manual, it is effectively disabled as it only runs if you run it.

so no need, unless you want, to touch anything on that front.


as to any advantage between the two, that's really a subjective decision for you to make, weighting up the pros and cons of each product.

the product that wins will be the one that works best for you.

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