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Recuva crashes while in stage 2/3 "Analyzing Damage"


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I'm trying to recover the files from my girlfriend's 64-GB SD card, which has become unusable. The drive letter shows up when I insert it in my computer, but it asks me to format the partition (which I of course have NOT done, to preserve the data). When I run Recuva (using the deep scan option), it takes about a half hour to find all the files (and it finds thousands of files, which is a good sign). However, when it gets to stage 2/3 (called "Analyzing Damage"), the program crashes. It comes up with a pop-up screen that asks for some information. There is a multi-line text box that asks for a description of what happened. The text did not wrap automatically as I typed, so I pressed the ENTER key to go to the next line, and it instantly told me it sent the error report. I didn't get a chance to complete my message. You should probably fix that too. There were no apparent events in the event log for this crash.


I was using the latest version of Recuva when this crash happened. I also have an older version of Recuva (version 1.51) installed on a different machine, so I tried that, and It also crashed while scanning the SD card.


I'm hoping to recover the files with their original file names and folder structure. Is that possible in Recuva?

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Hi Borkman, and welcome to the forum.


Before we go into any other options you may have, try scanning your drive again, but press cancel once you get past stage1. At the very latest before you hit that 66% sticking point in stage2.


You should still have a great many, if not all, recoverable files listed. It's impossible to tell what the glitch is, but the fact that it's a problem drive means it could either be a corrupt file or a drive surface issue. Probably the former.



I'm hoping to recover the files with their original file names and folder structure. Is that possible in Recuva?


Firstly ...


Go into "Options/General" and in the "View Mode" box select "Tree View". This will display the results of your scan in a tree view folder structure, similar to the folder structure the lost files originally resided in.


This will enable you to select the folder/files you need to recover rather than have a long list of files you would have to either sort through, or recover every file found.


Secondly ...


Go into "Options/Actions" and select "Restore folder structure". This will save any recovered files/folders into a copy of their original location (folders/subfolders) on whichever drive you recover them to.


If you don't get too much joy from this, there are other options to try so post back how you get on.




EDIT:  Also go into "Options/Actions" and select "Scan for non deleted files" if you haven't already done that.

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