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Numbers all the same


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When I run my cleaner it appears to work correctly. Yet when I review the results I end up with the very same numbers. 5MB…….and in Files for Safari  249kb, for Misc Caches 5045 always the same. This is the free version, so my question, with all the machinations is it working or not? Does not leave me much incentive to buy the full version.

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Willy2 Thank you. Being illiterate when it comes to computers is not much help to me. What you state may very well be an answer. But not long after the last post was posted everything changed. Although the numbers changed they still remain constant after every cleaning. Now it’s 10MB total and Safari went to 249KB and Misc. Caches to 10665KB.


I used CCleaner for many years on a windows machine, all the numbers were in constant flux more or less dependent on the time one spent online. It also seemed to work very well.

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