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Yet again CCleaner cannot clean browser records


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It seems to me that CCleaners days are numbered.  Once again the latest free version is unable to touch the IE or Edge Browers and I am having to use the built in browser tools manually every day.  After the last incidence of this problem the next version of CCleaner worked for a while.  Come the latest Microsoft updates it again ceased to clean and skips both browsers I'm using.  Zone Alarm also dislikes it and refuses to allow it to "make changes" to certain things.


I've used CCleaner for years and always found it excellent, but it isn't now, for whatever reason.  And the bottom line is, I need a tool on which I can rely. 

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Sorry, to say this. But, you won't find a tool that will do that. Microsoft has changed the way they store browsing history. It's not just CCleaner, it's all of them. CCleaner can still cleans a lot of stuff, but we aren't sure if there will ever be a way again. Hopefully, there will be...

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also investigate the reported fix (at least for one member) where the MS search/indexing process was killed and CC was able to clean IE for them.

I'll let you search the forum for the relevant topic. :)


there's also been suggestions to double check other MS software (Skype, Defender, Windows Live Mail, to name a few) aren't running at the same time.

also to see if running CC with the PC in Safe Mode helps, but I don't recall any member getting back with any results.

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