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Speccy shows my current Samsung EVO (and previous SSD) OK

make sure you have the latest firmware for the SSD.


what's your OS?

can you include a screenshot?

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I tried to make a copy from Speccy to this web site. No Luck. Have to do it by hand.

Will give the data in question. If you need more just ask.

Windows 7 pro 64-bit.

I sent  a message to Kingston inquiring if I have the latest firmware.


Kingston suv400s37240g ata device

heads 16, cylinders 29,185, tracks 7,442,175, sectors 468,857,025.

firmware version 0c3fd6sd 

As you can see this does not apply to an SSD.

Thanks for your help.

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Ah, OK then.

Well sadly Speccy shows those figures for me as well - as it does for everyone.


It's because those values are present in WMI, and basically Speccy is just the heavy lifter between you and WMI.


You can get these values manually by starting an elevated command prompt, type in powershell, hit enter, then type in gwmi win32_diskdrive | ft totalheads, totalcylinders, totalsectors


So, yes, not relevant to SSD's but Speccy is simply passing along what it is finding.

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