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No instructions for saving specific cookies in Firefox?

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I wiped out all my important Logons for Banking and Crerdit Card accounts with a cleaning using CCleaner. After using CCleaner for the last 10 years, this has never happened before to me. It is terrible because there are no instructions on CCleaners webpage to deal with this. They mention going into :\"Cookies and dragging them somewhere. There is no "Tab" in Firefox that has "COOKIES". Only a place to delete individual Cookies. I am about to remove CCleaner for good and never use it again! Why did this happen now. I have been faithfully using CCleaner for years and this has never happened.

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Hi SFMarcopolo, and welcome to the forum.


Actually there are quite detailed instructions on how to save/keep cookies in the CCleaner docs here ...




Have a look and see if the how-to solves your problem. I don't use the latest Firefox myself so maybe something within the browser has changed and is removing your log ins. One of my illustrious fellow members may be able to answer that one.


If you still lose your log ins please post back with your version of CCleaner, version of Firefox and your Operating System, and we can look further into the issue.


Hope that helps.


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