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can't access recuva from taskbar


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This might be a Win10 bug... or a Recuva bug... or both. I'm running Win10 64. and Revuva (v1.53 64 bit).


Typically when a running program is in the taskbar... one can run a cursor over it and see the small preview window. If one moves the cursor up to the preview window, the window fills the screen. When I left click on that preview... I can access the window with the program running and it stays open... in this case it should be Recuva with the search results. But I can't. If I right click on the preview window I get 3 options... Recuva, pint to taskbar, and close window. If I click on Recuva... it doesn't open the search results... it opens a brand new process. Essentially I was locked out of being able to work in the search results I just conducted. I also can't close Recuva from the taskbar. I have to do it from Task Manager.


I have a taskbar problem with only one other program...  a mp3 player called AIMP3. I can't open or close it from the taskbar and need to use Task Manager. 

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