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google toolbar problem

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i have never had google toolbar installed on this computer and for some reason its showing up in apllications tab. Any reason this would happen? I have found no traces of Google Toolbar on my computer, its not in Add/Remove Programs and i have run two diffrent reg cleaners




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yea, i have that tree of folders and it comes out to be HKCU\Software\Google\NavClient\1.1\Options\CustomSearch\ then it has a String called HKCU_GoogleEarth | REG_DWORD | 0x00000001 (1)

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It looks like Google Toolbar (or at least some of it) is required for Google Earth, so you can't delete the registry key.


You could edit the winapp.ini entry for Google Toolbar but you would have to remember to re-edit it every time you upversion.

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