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Problem with PowerPoint

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Hello everyone.


When I start powerpoint I get this error message: 

"There is a problem with PowerPoint at the moment". Has anyone any experience in this and if so could you help point me in the right direction?How to repair powerpoint?



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Windows version?

Powerpoint version?

Is that the whole message, there's no error number or something else?

Does Office have the latest Service Pack and updates?

What have you tried; repair install of Office?, clean install of Office?, SFC command to check Windows isn't corrupt?, CHKDSK to check hard drive isn't corrupt?

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try starting Powerpoint in Safe Mode.

either enter powerpnt.exe /safe in the Run box, or hold CTRL down while starting any Office program will start that program in Safe Mode.

also try running Powerpoint with the PC in Safe Mode.

your next option is a complete uninstall of Office, then run the FixIt program offered at the MS Download Centre to completely remove any leftover traces, reboot PC and reload Office.


have you had this problem for over a year; http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r31089436-There-is-a-problem-with-PowerPoint

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