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Windows 10 specific version and System Folders don't show correct info.


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In Speccy's "Operating System" section, Windows 10 specific version and System Folders don't show correctly.

I needed to know which specific version of Win 10 I was using and tried "Control Panel > System" but it says only "Windows 10 Pro 64-bit". So, I thought "of course, Speccy will know". Alas, Speccy only says: "Windows 10 Pro 64-bit" as well. I then tried DXDiag and got differing results. DxDiag 32-bit says "Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (build 6.2, build 9200)", while DxDiag 64-bit says "Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, build 14393)". Finally, rumbled about in the Windows accessories and I found that System Information shows "Version 10.0.14393, Build 14393".... but is it correct? :unsure:


Further problem: again in the "Operating System" section, System Folders only shows the OEM locations. I have several hard drives and things like Documents, Pictures, Videos, and Music are changed to D:, E:, G: and H: drives. Speccy isn't Showing the location updates. <_<

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click the Start button, then literally just type in winver.


as to system folders when the user changes the default location, that would be a good suggestion for a future release.

I too have changed those locations and I guess most people with a SSD would as well.

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