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wrong tempature..


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Today I updated speccy and it said my MB was 114c! there's just NO way it can be that hot. If I remember correctly the older version of speccy didn't even come close to displaying it as that hot. But sure enough..


So I tried another program..


Same thing! if it matters I did dust/clean out my PC a few days ago and just gave it another quick clean just to make sure. I even booted into the BIOS and my BIOS said my MB was like 26c! there's just no way it can be this hot...am I imagining things? I got this MB maybe like...in the summer? Juneish? so it can't possibly be broke can it? does anyone have any other suggestions for checking my temp?

https://gyazo.com/63494b8f4788a67e03dfdf235165a45d my CPU/ram usage isn't that bad either. So what on earth could be causing such a bad temp spike?

https://gyazo.com/917d31f82cd8e83f094d3b17469eb048 same result :/

So is this just some sort of API issue? I downloaded an old version of speccy and it seems to be displaying correctly. I got a friend to try and update his speccy but his is fine..

Is anyone else getting incorrect temps from temp gauges?

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best method for testing temps is the tried and true finger approach.

after your PC has been on for 10'ish minutes, turn it off and touch the CPU heatsink.


if it's really 114oC you'll soon verify that ! :o


my guess is it is no where near that and you are just seeing the ongoing problem of Speccy and WMI not playing together nicely.


while you were in the BIOS, did you notice an area where you can set alarms for certian temperature thresholds.

if so, that would be good to set some for piece of mind.

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