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CCleaner tasks on auto-pilot - is that a viable option?

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I love the program and rely on it all the time. However, I do wish the "analyze then clean" process, including backing up the registry to a default location, could be automated somewhat. I have clicked that same boring sequence so often - is it feasible to have CCleaner offer an auto-pilot option, allowing the user to sequence the tasks of analysis, backing up the registry to the default folder, and fixing/cleaning up, without further intervention, after the user pulls the trigger? And the same for the browser-related analysis and cleanup sequence too? Other security products I use seem designed to ask me to trust them to just get on with their tasks. :unsure:

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do you know about the command line switches CC has?

documentation here; http://www.piriform.com/docs/ccleaner/advanced-usage/command-line-parameters


if it's going to be run on auto-pilot, why would there be a need to analyse first?

as to cleaning the registry automatically, that in my opinion is asking for trouble.

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