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More Than 1 Million Google Accounts Breached by Gooligan


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As a result of a lot of hard work done by our security research teams, we revealed today a new and alarming malware campaign. The attack campaign, named Gooligan, breached the security of over one million Google accounts. The number continues to rise at an additional 13,000 breached devices each day.



Gooligan has breached over a million Google accounts. We believe that it is the largest Google account breach to date, and we are working with Google to continue the investigation. We encourage Android users to validate whether their accounts have been breached.

There is a link on the website to check if you are one of the million ( that's an awful lot :()


Also contains at the bottom a list of all the affected apps.




website seems to under a lot of pressure at the moment so may take a while to load


Support contact




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Thanks for the info hazel.





Just read this, which is quite funny considering the topic subject ...


A Quarter of the Most Vulnerable Software Applications Are Security Products:


Companies such as Google (through Project Zero) and Cisco (through the Talos team) have been busy in the past few months exposing security flaws in security software and third-party libraries often used as the building blocks for these products, and others.



Strange old world isn't it.

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Many thanks for the heads up hazelnut...............thankfully it appears that my account has not been breached (fingers crossed)  :)

Always With Kind Regards


"one is never too old to listen & learn"

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Its a really very sad news. Few days before I came to know this. Some hacker force us to log in google accounts. If you want to log in google service you will see accounts.google.com then it will redirect you to a new page and will tell you to enter gmail id and pass and if you do so they will get all info of your gmail id. I can't believe it. I knew no one can beat Google. So it is sure we can nowhere upload our very essential documents and pictures.

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