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CCleaner won't start while running in Standard User Account (Windows 10)

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I've had a recurring issue with CCleaner not starting at all after being clicked on, while returning it on a Standard User Account on Windows 10 Pro x64. This has happened over multiple clean installations and tests. The program opens absolutely fine and instantly if on my Admin account, but on the standard one it won't actually open at all unless I manually run it as an administrator from the context menu. I can see that the program is listed as active in the Task Manager but nothing pops up at all. It seems to be related solely to the SUA and it launches fine on admin, as said before. When forcing it as an administrator it seems to also reset my user preferences, turning on Monitoring again. I'm using v5.24.5841 and running ESET Internet Security 10, although this problems occurs with or without an antivirus installed.


Is there any help you can provide to help solve this issue?


Thanks kindly!

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Hey there - welcome to the forum.


CCleaner needs to have administrator privileges in order to run correctly, however it should inform you of this when you try to run it.


It also shouldn't reset your preferences. Could you please contact our support team about this at support@piriform.com as they will be able to assist you further :)

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